📚 Our time is being stolen

First Published: 2023-10-15

Rambly post incoming

Today was an ordinary day, yet if you were to ask me what I did with it I'd come up with embarrassingly little. I can't help but feel like my time has been stolen by a combination of content brain and low stress. It's not like I can't appreciate a day off to enjoy myself, I binged a 24 episode anime recently, but while the anime left me feeling enriched and satisfied, whatever I did today did not.

As I'm writing this I'm unsure what I'm trying to achieve with this piece. We all know those shameful moments when we realize that we've fallen for a rabbit hole served by some content algorithm. Yet I hope this resonates with someone and perhaps inspires a feeling of rebellion.

The problem really isn't the lack of productive advances on a Sunday.
It's the total neutrality and insignificance of one earth rotation.

What could I have done better?
Should I have ventured outside for a small hike?
Should I have cleaned the kitchen?
Should I have started a new programming project?
Who knows!
Heck, even binging another anime or watching some old movie would have been plenty.

Why do I default to watching youtube despite knowing it's my worst option to pass the time?
Oh well...

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