📚 On Gratitude

First Published: 2023-11-25

How to be happy now (Tutorial)

Imagine you bought everything on your shopping list and solved all the acute problems in your life. Would that make you happy? Of course it would, but for how long would that happiness last?

With most purchases, my mood is slightly elevated for a day or two. For some it's a week or two. A few purchases are so appreciable that I am delighted by them even months or years later. I'm unable to predict for how long a purchase will boost my happiness in advance. The point I'm trying to make is that to consume is not a sustainable way to attain happiness, as the number of impactful purchases I can make is finite and their effect temporary.

On the other hand I'm not refuting that money buys happiness, from my experience it always has, but I want to warn that money won't guarantee it. To be happy in a life of excess one has to first recognise the abundance. And once it is abundantly clear, practicing gratitude helps.

Gratitude can be practiced in many ways. We can adopt it as a passive mindset to keep us company as we go through our days. Or we can practice it actively through journaling on the things we are grateful for. If you're religious, gratitude makes for great content of a prayer. No matter the method, setting aside a minute a day, or even every couple of days, will have a noticeable and sustainable impact on your happiness.

Happiness is overrated anyway. Overrated in the sense that I don't believe it should be your highest goal. If we chase happiness, if we put it behind milestones or on conditions, it will continue to elude us. Gratitude is one way to be happy now, so that you can spend your energy chasing something more meaningful.

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