📚 Avoid Social Media

First Published: 2022-07-09

social media wastes your time

Are you short on time? Always busy? Rarely get a full nights sleep? Consider quitting youtube and other video content. Especially if you're trying to learn something new, keep up with news or genuinely have time to kill.

I was gonna title this "video content wastes your time", but this is mostly applicable to social media and youtube. One video is 10 more minutes. Thats one 144th of your day of which a third is sleeping and most of the remainder is not free time.

1 more post on reddit, instagram or tik tok wastes less time. You know that and because you do it becomes a lot harder to stop scrolling. One more isn't much of a waste after all.

Seek and carefully select the media you consume to serve you, be it for entertainment or for education.

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